Vision Disorders

  Have you our one of your family members had trouble staying awake while reading?  Do you frequently lose your place, or get double vision, or just prefer not to focus on anything up close?  You could be dealing with a condition called convergence insufficiency.  This condition is not rare, and many people deal with it their whole lives.  Vision therapy is a program that can help many people overcome these symptoms.

  Vision Therapy is not for just convergence insufficiency.  Children, and even some adults, that have been cross-eyed can benefit from vision therapy.  In many cases, it has been shown that vision therapy is more effective at correcting crossed eyes than surgery.

  There are many other vision disorders that could benefit from vision therapy training.  As with any other physical therapy the results vary depending on the patient's condition and dedication to the program.  If you feel you might benefit from vision therapy, please email us under the "Schedule an Exam" tab, or call us at (435)-723-2144.


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